Greetings. My real name is Thomas Beale. As a Leo, I naturally gravitate to cat-like personalities, and there is no better exemplar in the literary universe than Woland’s cat, Behemoth, from Mikhail Bulgakov’s ‘The Master and Margarita‘.

This blog is dedicated to computing, particularly in health, standards, and more generally clear thinking in software and systems engineering. I have a particular allergy to hype and nonsense. Anything I say is meant in the spirit of debate, if not dialectic engagement, and no matter how controversial, is offered with the idea that we may still have a beer* together afterwards.

Thoughts on philosophy (particularly of science), linguistics, cinema and music are on my other blog, WolandsOtherCat. Some biographical details at my openEHR wiki home page.

*My current favourite is Troubador Magma.


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