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ONC Hearing on the JASON Report – openEHR perspective

Recently I was asked to provide testimony to the ONC hearings on the JASON report, from an openEHR point of view. I did so on 31 July 2014. The JASON report is entitled “A Robust Health Data Infrastructure”. It surveys the problems … Continue reading

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Why most health IT procurement fails and how to fix it

A strange thing happens in health IT solution procurement, and by extension government initiatives that seek to influence it. See if you can disagree with the following characterisation of health provider organisations as solution purchasers. Think You’re Getting What You Want? CIOs … Continue reading

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What is an ‘open platform’?

The word ‘platform’ is starting to reach the same status as the word ‘internet’ – part of the bedrock, but many have no idea what it really is. In e-health particularly, ‘platform’ is often mixed up with ‘open source’, ‘APIs’ and ‘standards’ … Continue reading

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