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Aide Memoire for Computable Domain Models

Sometimes a graphic is worth more than words. This is an attempt to capture all the salient features of multi-level modelling, the openEHR way. See the openEHR primer for the story. Although this is ‘our way’ of doing it, I … Continue reading

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FHIR compared to openEHR

Ler en Español (traducción – Diego Boscá Tomás) 日本語で読む(Shinji Kobayashi による翻訳) 中文 (Lin Zhang) I see a growing number of organisations and individuals posing the old standards comparison question, today, in the form of: how does HL7 FHIR compare to or relate to … Continue reading

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Why IT people can’t build information systems

(on their own) Every so often I remember how we were taught to build information systems and software. One of the steps is called ‘requirements capture’. The IT people are supposed to go and interrogate domain experts, in a step called ‘use … Continue reading

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openEHR in Brazil – Sirio Libanes

openEHR training session last week at Hospital Sirio Libanes, one of the premiere teaching and research hospitals in Brazil. I delivered the background and theory part, Samuel Frade and Bostjan Lah (both from Marand) delivered the programming part. We were … Continue reading

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