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Making FHIR work for everybody

FHIR is the HL7’s modern approach to connecting components in the health computing space. Unlike the HL7v2 message approach, FHIR is oriented to enabling applications connect to back-ends. It has been running for a few years now, and is doing good work on how to … Continue reading

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What is a ‘standard’: legislation or utilisation?

Bert Verhees, a colleague from the openEHR community made this post recently to the openehr-technical mailing list: OpenEHR is not a standard, it is a formal specification. http://www.iso.org/iso/home/standards.htm ISO, What is a standard: “A standard is a document that provides requirements, … Continue reading

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Evaluating e-health standards II – governance and commercial aspects

Following on from my post yesterday, Grahame Grieve commented that I had not dealt with issues of stability and commercial acceptability. I had not originally intended to do that, but on reflection, he is right – a standard that is … Continue reading

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The CDA ‘dual-content’ conundrum

In his recent blog post, Eric Browne highlights what may be a problem in the design of the Australian PCEHR, due to the well-known CDA feature allowing dual forms of content – text and structured, supposedly equivalent – to be … Continue reading

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