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The folly of the obsession with source code

My favourite topic these days is the phenomenon of fundamentalist thinking. You don’t need to go to Iraq to find it, it’s all around us…. Recently I chanced upon a post entitled ‘Coding is not the new literacy’ by Chris … Continue reading

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Ontologies and information models: a uniting principle

Software developers and ontologists generally live in two different worlds. The former group think they are building systems to perform information processing and computation, and the latter group think they are formally describing some aspect of the world. [Note: slight … Continue reading

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Ruminations on ‘design’ in e-health

I have often bemoaned the state of standards for the e-health sector. Earlier posts provide details. The main argument is that the key specifications the sector needs are for interoperable data, information and knowledge, but that the main approach to … Continue reading

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Future of Software Engineering? Quite possibly…

I was in Zurich last week (Nov 21-25) for the Future of Software Engineering (FOSE) symposium, held at ETH Zurich university campus on the occasion of the 60th birthday of Bertrand Meyer, the inventor of the Eiffel programming language, which … Continue reading

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