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A FHIR Experience – the formalism

This post continues the review presented in the previous post, where I looked at the Administrative resources of FHIR. Here I take a look at the formalism used in FHIR, i.e. how the resources (and profiles) are formally expressed. FHIR … Continue reading

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Why the platform will replace today’s interoperability standards in healthcare

For decades, most of us working in health informatics and e-health have lived on the assumption that ‘interoperability’ is one of the main things we are trying to achieve, and that it is the most important because the lack of … Continue reading

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Yet another e-health standards comparison, corrected

Recently HSCIC and NHS England published an Interoperability Handbook, intended to help provider CIOs and others steer the difficult waters of obtaining interoperable health IT solutions. The target audience is listed as: CCG Clinical Leaders, Chief Clinical Information Officers, Chief … Continue reading

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